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Hook of Holland is a town located on Holland's North Sea coast at the mouth of the Neiwe Waterweg. A ferry connection between Hook of Holland and England has been operational since 1893. The Hook of Holland ferry terminal (on the other side of the river from Europoort) is operated by Stena Line who currently offer two routes to England. The service to Harwich carries a combination of freight and passenger traffic whilst the service to Killingholme is dedicated to the shipment of freight.

All drivers must wear a high visibility vest when driving on the terminal. These can be purchased at the port.

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Harwich - Hook of Holland
(Stena Line)
  • Booked: Sunday, 14 March 2021
  • Travel: Friday, 23 July 2021 - Friday, 6 August 2021
  • Car + 2

Hook of Holland Ferry Port Information

Driver facilities at the port of Hook of Holland include a drivers waiting area, toilets and hot drinks.

Getting to Hook of Holland by road

Hook of Holland is located 30km west of Rotterdam and 25km south of The Hague. If you are coming from Rotterdam, follow the A20/N20. From Den Haag follow the E19/E30. When you have arrived in Hook of Holland, follow the signs for "Ferry to Harwich".

Useful Information

Please note: Following improvements in May 2014, the Stena Line terminal now has a new layout. The new infrastructure of the terminal, including all the signs and the changed entrance will help prevent unnecessary delays for drivers. Stena Line have provided the following information to assist drivers -

Driver accompanied traffic

Changed entrance to the terminal and freight drivers will first report at the check-in office. Procedures for check-in consist of signed freight declaration, passport control and confirmation of booked space. Signs will direct the driver to the vessel to Harwich or Killingholme.

Delivery of unaccompanied trailers

Freight driver will first report at check-in office. Fill in the freight declaration for confirmation of shipment. Entrance ticket with the letter of the parking sector is issued. Follow the signs through CCTV to check the trailer and park in the designated area for loading to the vessel. Freight driver checks the set temperature of the fridge engine and/or attaches the correct labels to the trailer in the case of hazardous loads.

Release of unaccompanied trailers

Freight driver will first report at check-in office. If the trailer has already arrived in Hook of Holland, the driver collects the ticket for its release and identifies himself at the check-in (passport, ID card or driving license). He then follows the signs to the parking sector referred to on his ticket. It is only possible to leave the terminal via the CCTV system in order to check the condition of the trailer. If a vessel is still being discharged when the truck arrives for collection, the driver will be shown discharge information on the monitor next to the check-in office. The trailer will only be released and access to the terminal granted once the trailer has been parked in the sector. Tickets to access the terminal are available at the check-in.

Hook van Holland Map

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Port Addresses

Stena Line

Stationsweg 10, 3151 HS, The Netherlands

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